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About Us

Playing in Nursery

 TM Kids AZ is a faith based non-profit organization that has been serving the west valley community.  We currently, have two childcare centers serving the communities in the heart of Phoenix. In 1998 the Templo Maranatha board of directors saw a need to assist families with children services in the community such as childcare. The communities we serve are mainly low to moderate income families. The process began with local companies and organizations working side by side, with a total of 75 partnerships, we jumped on board to support with the renovation of our first facility. Renovation projects are constantly happening.

Check out what we've been up to recently!
  • Children restrooms, we recently built 3 restrooms in the past year. We partnered with the local church and childcare to build accessible restrooms inside the children's classrooms. If you have kids, or have worked with kids you'll understand the importance of having a restroom easily and quickly accessible to kids.

  • Love our city is a project we will be partnering with along with True Vine Church in 2022. This project will consist of a food bank for families in need, a storage area for clothing, and baby items, and a prayer garden for many to encounter the love of Jesus.

  • Playgrounds are a fun way for kids to get some vitamin D and exercise in. It is also one of the best ways to help kids take a break from electronics. That is why we help upkeep the wood chips in local playgrounds, and assist in playground repairs, etc.

  • Automatic dispensers (soap, hand washing stations, paper towels) Who knew switching to automatic dispensers would help improve health and safety but also be energy sufficient. 

  • New Flooring added in the kid classrooms.

  • Newly Painted child classrooms and restrooms.

  • Toy donations, we accept new and used toy donations throughout the year. Sometimes we are able to send some of these toys to our international mission trip. We especially love giving back to families in need. During our yearly Christmas Toy Drive, we give toys to children enrolled at the childcare, most of which are low income families.

  • Goods donations, families within the community donate items to TM Kids AZ and we make sure they are given back to other families in need or to our international mission trips.

  • Clothing donations, we accept new and used clothing donations. TM Kids AZ partners with the local church to setup homeless clothing drives. Families are able to take what they need. Families enrolled in the center often have a difficult time providing clothing for their children, so we step in and create a take home clothing donation box for families in need.

  • Back to school supplies, school supplies are a costly expense for most families to purchase on a yearly basis, especially when there are more than one child attending school. We partner with the local church to collect school supplies and give it back to the community around us. 

  • Uniform donations, kids are always growing. As they continue their education, we want to make sure they have the proper uniform clothing as they enter a new school year.

  • Care packages are created and filled with personal hygiene products, and sometimes blankets or other items. We encourage the community to be hands on. That is why we purchase, collect, and create the care packages. From there, we will do a hands on outreach, or ask the community to carry care packages in their cars to give out to people around their communities.

  • 4,000 hot meals per month, we prepare meals for kids within our communities. We understand, that at times the meals we serve are the only meals kids will eat for the day, so we like to make sure they are good hearty meals. We also love to have outreach food drives. We host a hot free meal event for those in need. We purchase/cook the food and welcome all those passing by. We love to do this annually. We make sure to stay up to date with our food catering licenses to be able to give back to the community, which is a costly expense.

  • TM Kids AZ benevolence program is one of the best ways we give back to the community. We partner with the local childcare to help cover tuition costs that parents would have to pay out of their own pockets. This program helps parents to focus on furthering their education or continue to work without worrying if they can afford costly childcare expenses. Our partnership with First Things First provides scholarships and we are able to provide additional support through our TM Kids AZ benevolence program.

  • TM Kids AZ is constantly adding new ways to give back to our community!

Thank you for your ongoing support, your support allows us to be hands on. 

We Work Closely With

  • Department of Economic Security

  • Child Protective Service

  • Child Nutrition Food Program-Arizona Department of Education

  • Quality First-First Things First-Valley of Sun United Way Community Partner

  • TM Kids AZ does not discriminate against the basis of race, national origin, sex, age, disability or belief

  • TM Kids AZ is a project of Maranatha & True Vine Church serving the community since 1982

Interested In Partnering With Us?

We love partnering with people, companies, businesses, families. You name it! Contact us to see how we can improve our community together.

Believe in our cause?

There are many ways to get involved, from in-kind donations, to volunteering, or donating to TM Kids AZ through Arizona Tax Credit. Your donation makes a difference in the community.

Clothes Donation
backpack drive
In our community

We are thankful for the following CPAs for their partnership and long-lasting support in all of our projects. Special thanks to:


Marisela Salazar EA

MS Tax & Accounting Services LLC

5156 W Olive Ave 420

Glendale, AZ 85302


Rosaura Ruiz EA, CB, CAA 

Small Business Tax Solutions PLLC

1990 W. Camelback Rd. Suite 108

Phoenix, AZ 85015

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